Monday, December 21, 2015

The Oidar Wavelength Christmas Special (1974)

Direct from 1974 and the kindness of Brent Turner, we present the Christmas episode of the Top 40/Sci-Fi radio show The OIDAR Wavelength! The premise? The OIDAR Wavelength is a musical program from the future, playing oldies from the 20th Century, and somehow, we back in the seventies were/are able to hear the program due to some space/time continuum. In between the (sometimes good, sometimes horribly wretched) musical fodder, a mysterious announcer known only as "Programmer #9" relates twisted news and human interest stories from the future, the programs' present. And this is the Christmas episode! It seems that Mr. Turner was at a local swap meet and came across a whole box of OIDAR Wavelength reel to reel tapes! And he sent some programs to me and now I share them with you! Remember, this was originally broadcast in 1974. In Los Angeles, the OIDAR Wavelength aired on KKDJ, a typical Top 40 station, usually starting just after the midnight hour. Included with the broadcast are several commercials, including one for an outfit called Tapeworks. When you hear the ad, you will feel much, much better about your job! Enjoy The Show! Merry Christmas from the future!

Friday, January 17, 2014

January 19, 2013: The Messaround brings Pearl Harbour, The Bloody Brains...


Come Out and Break Some Cake at this All Ages, Free Admission Jubilee Featuring Four of California's Most Exquisitely Artful and Socially Irredeemable Musical Sensations!

Powerhouse punk-pop siren PEARL HARBOUR returns to the Messaround! One of San Francisco's groundbreaking late 1970s new wave architects, by 1981 she was touring with the Clash, cutting her classic Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost Too LP (a highly prized artifact of that wild and walloping era) and stopping hearts, flipping wigs and short-circuiting synapses all around the globe. Pearl's colorful, cool-soul hot-rockabilly girl group au go-go sensibility, powerhouse pipes and astonishingly tight, banging, brilliant band always thrill.

LOVEYDOVE! One of our choicest homegrown musical sensations, boy-girl adventure team LoveyDove have created an unusually irresistible blend of artful expression, psychedelic atmospherics, deft craftsmanship and flat-out mushy romance. Sunny harmonics, midrange tempos and a childlike sense of wonder are all standard-issue ordnance in the LoveyDove armory, but it's the depth of involvement that band leaders Dan West and Azalia Snail consistently display that elevates the group to an altitude far more communicative and appealing than almost all of their indie-schmindie peers. Theirs is a deliciously chewy sound, loaded with dynamics, color and articulate lyrics that are both acutely chosen and shrewdly applied. Not hipster bohemian drone and definitely not for dummies.

THEE TEE PEES! A shockingly snotty and unpredictable garage rock combo brought you to by artful miscreant Jorge Ojeda (AKA Real Boss Hoss), a profoundly disturbed individual whose sonic vandalism always imparts a peculiarly crafty, improvisatory, semi-Dada aesthetic. With the critical, toxic assistance of howling mad Farfisa abuser Scott "Beerwolf" O'Connell, this untamed band of braves will assuredly bring you crashing to your knees with a thoroughly vile yet strangely alluring brand of savage big beat primitive.

BLOODY BRAINS! Certifiably among the raging-est, rocking-est bands in all of Los Angeles, the Brains never fail to bring the house down. With a hot, taut brand of head-on punk mayhem, garage trash and high psych drama, the foursome of Rev Dan, Fritz Freidenberg, Keith Lubow and Hermann Senac display both merciless glee and stunning musicality which rates as a nothing less than a gloriously lethal rock & roll combination. They will open the show, get down here early and take your punishment!

THE BAD & THE BEAUTIFUL, the new band from ex-Peeks thrillers Dewey & Alec, making their first time ever world debut. We don't even know what all exactly these crazy kids are a-gonna do--but we do know it'll be great!

Jonny Whiteside's Messaround with PEARL HARBOUR, LOVEYDOVE, THEE TEEPEES, THE BLOODY BRAINS, at Viva Cantina, 900 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506; Sun., Jan. 19, 6 p.m.; all ages; free. FREE PARKING across the street at Pickwick Bowl (same owners).

Monday, October 28, 2013

The Bloody Brains play the Silverlake Lounge on Halloween Night!

Halloween Night, join the Bloody Brains when they play the Silverlake Lounge!
Four great bands!
Thee Tee Pees, Way To Go Genius, The Teenage Frames, The Bloody Brains!
No Cover Charge!  Be There!

2906 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA