Friday, December 7, 2012

Reverend Dan provides the music this Sunday at the Renegade Craft Fair!

This Sunday morning, December 9, 2012, I, Reverend Dan will be providing the musical soundtrack for the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market from the hours of 10am until 1am!  Need some completely unique handmade presents this year? Well here is a veritable craft-cornucopia! It all happens Saturday and Sunday at the Downtown LA Cornfield, also known as Los Angeles State Historic Park.  1245 N. Spring Street.  Be there!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rock 'n' Roll with Reverend Dan this Saturday at the Liquid Kitty Halloween Bash!

Hey Hoodlum!
This Saturday, October 27, 2012, I, Reverend Dan, will be DJing at the annual LIQUID KITTY HALLOWEEN BASH!  The Rock will be Rolling, the Drinks will be Flowing and the Costumes will be CRAZY!  There will be a costume contest at Midnight, so get your gang together this Saturday and Rock 'n' Roll at the Liquid Kitty Halloween Bash with me, KXLU DJ Reverend Dan!

The Liquid Kitty is located at
11780 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90064

Be There!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Halloween Rock 'N' Roll Party with The Bloody Brains at The Buccaneer in Sierra Madre!

Rock 'N' Roll this Halloween with The Bloody Brains at the Buccaneer in Sierra Madre! Two Wild Sets! Mostly Different! Costume Contest! 21 & Over! 9:30 - 12:30! Be There!

The Buccaneer is located at 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd in Sierra Madre!

Don't make any illegal U-Turns! The Sierra Madre Police will be paying attention to such things!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Bloody Brains play the Buccaneer in Sierra Madre this Saturday, August 25th!

This Saturday night in the lovely city of Sierra Madre, join the Bloody Brains (the band I scream and play guitar in) at the Buccaneer bar for an entire evening of great Rock 'n' Roll! We are doing two entirely different sets this night, with the band The Ingrates playing while we freshen up between sets! So that's two great bands, at a great bar for the price of FREE! Remember, the Sierra Madre police are very efficient, so don't break any traffic laws while you are out there. The Buccaneer bar is located at: 70 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre, CA, 91024

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thee Cormans, Theeee Bloody Brains & More Friday August 17 at the Blue Star!

Hey Hoodlum, check it out!
On Friday, August 17, The Bloody Brains (the band I scream and play guitar in) are returning to the Blue Star in downtown Los Angeles for a crazy Rock 'n' Roll show with Thee Cormans, The Black Boots and The South Bay Surfers! All for only $5! And it's Beerwolf's birthday party! The fine folks at Real Boss Hoss are putting on this shindig, and if you are 18 years of age or older on Friday August 17, get yourself down to the Blue Star and have a great time!

The Blue Star is located at
2200 E. 15th St.
Los Angeles, 90021

Be There!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Bloody Brains play the Five Stars Bar This Saturday July 14th!

Hey Hoodlum! The Bloody Brains (the band that I scream and play guitar in) has a show this weekend, and I wanted you to know about it!

This Saturday, July 14, 2012:

The Bloody Brains are playing at the Five Stars Bar in Downtown Los Angeles! Also playing are The Sound Reasons and Wild Pink Horse! The Five Stars is located at: 267 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90012


Sunday, May 27, 2012

See The Bloody Brains This Friday, June 1 at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park!

Hey Hoodlums! My band, the Bloody Brains, will be playing this Friday, June 1st at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland Park! For the cheap price of 5 bucks, you get to see 5 great bands! Blood Buddies, Ovideo, Fake Furs, Assembly of Mazes and of course, The Bloody Brains! We're going at 10pm, but get there early to see the whole show! Mr. T's Bowl is located at

5621 1/2 Figueroa St Highland Park, 90042 21 & Over

Be There!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's the Bloody Brains performing a live version of The Premiers "Get On This Plane"!

Here's a video of my band, The Bloody Brains, performing a live version of The Premiers "Get On This Plane", recorded at Jonny Whiteside's Messaround at the Viva Cantina in Burbank.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rock & Roll this Saturday, May 5th! It's time for Cinco de Loco at the Blue Star!

Hey Hoodlum! Here's a show that just popped up on the radar! This Saturday, May 5th, make your way down to the scrap metal district of downtown Los Angeles and rock & roll at Cinco de Loco at the Blue Star! Four great bands, one of which is my band, the Bloody Brains! 18 & Over! Only $5! Here's the lineup:

9:45: 3 1/2 Bangs and Britches!
10:30: Thee Cormans!
11:15: Paint Fumes!
Midnight: The Bloody Brains!

The Blue Star is located at:
2200 E. 15th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90021


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tina Delgado Is Alive!

For all of you 93/KHJ fans out there, from 1966, here is the Real Don Steele performing "Tina Delgado Is Alive!"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tweet #16

Monday, April 2, 2012

Crazy Free Rock & Roll Party Sunday April 15 at Jonny Whiteside's Messaround at the Viva Cantina!


It's a Disastrously Dysfunctional Family Affair Ablaze with Unlikely Alliances, Feral Fealty and Hot-Roasted Musical Catastrophy!

Messaround mastermind Jonny Whiteside proudly presents, direct from an isolated lair somewhere deep in Switzerland, the only Los Angeles appearance by quasi-legendary, one-man cult phenom REV. BEATMAN. The voodoo rhythm provocateur, prized for his peerless blend of blues mysticism, rock & roll raunch and demonic desperality, is certain to both disturb and enlighten with his mad brand of big beat testifying, primitivo blues wrangling and all-around soul-scorching mysteriso malfeasance. Let he who is without Sin amongst you cast the first Molotov Cocktail!

Some things are just too big and brilliant to avoid, hence another apocalyptic visit from everyone's fav-o-rite Middle Aged Delinquents, THE BLOODY BRAINS. Masters of punk aggression, acute psychedelic breakdowns and filthy garage rock philosophizing, The Bloody Brains ability to tear up an audience's collective head is as impressive as it downright terrifying. When the puny mortals we know as REV. DAN, FRITZ FREIDENBERG, KEITH LUBOW and HERMANN SENAC congregate on a bandstand, they transmogrify into a four headed monster with a devastating capability and, as this particular atrocity pits two Reverend's against each other, guarantees a Fight-to-the-Death display of reckless Kamikazi abandon. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye!

The Messaround is also ecstatic to host EMY & THE EPICS! This Wild Card longshot has been almost thirty years in the making, and represents a long overdue return-to-form by one of California's most-missed MIA shouters. Fronted by big voiced jazz-rockabilly-blues siren supreme EMY, who memorably flipped wigs and broke hearts as the drastically declarative lead singer for short-lived, brilliant, early 1980's L.A. rockabilly trio THE RED DEVILS, it's a dream come true for any who were lucky enough to witness that band in it's all-too brief heyday. When EMY gets on that mike, expect an eruption of volcanic, pent-up passion, artfully subdued soul and smolderingly communicative vocal style. Y'all will def. be "Tearin' You Hair Out" for this one!

When Teenage Seer WOLF WOODCOCK rallies his indescribably engrossing LEAKING PIGS for another swill-slopping session of severely original rock & roll, they'll definitely have all your synapses firing simultaneously. We don't toss the word "originality" around lightly at the Messaround, but these kids have a natural-fact instinct that allows them to excel at a uniquely individuated brand of expressive rock & roll. It ain't "punk," it ain't "alternative," it ain't "garage," but it is a downright arresting, singular and genuine sound. Indescribable, Intoxicating and thoroughly Untamed!

With an opening barrage of beatific, bad-ass sounds courtesy of our Messaround Tabernacle Choir, featuring the incomparably sweet stomp of DICK DELUXE, bass-man supreme PAUL MARSHALL and special guest skin-pounder JIM DOYLE, plus the inevitable unanticipated guests, it's another sure-fire orgy of sonic-psychosexual malfeasance the likes of which most citizens only dream about. At the Messaround, We Live It!!!

Jonny Whiteside’s Messaround at Viva Cantina, 900 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506; Sun., April 15, 5-9 p.m.; all ages; no cover. FREE PARKING across the street at Pickwick Bowl (same owners).

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tweet #3

Tweets #1 and #2 do exist, but are not posted here. They're over there.

This Tuesday Night: Reverend Dan at the Mandrake Bar on La Cienega!‏

Hey Hoodlum,
Just dropping a quick line to let you know that I'll be DJing at the Mandrake Bar on La Cienega this Tuesday night from 9PM til Midnight!
That's right! Drop on by, enjoy a tasty beverage and listen to the finest Rock 'n' Roll music to be heard in the city!

The Mandrake Bar is located at 2692 S. La Cienega, Los Angeles, 90034. Be There!

Reverend Dan

Reverend Dan is now on Twitter!

I guess it's a good thing...we shall see. If you want to follow me on Twitter, just click the button!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Sunday, January 15, 2012: The Bloody Brains Return To The Messaround!


And now, Jonny Whiteside describes this upcoming event.

"This Schizophonic Fest of Raunchy Razzle-Dazzle and Unhinged Musical Ruckus Will Have You Rocking, Reeling & Hanging From the Ceiling!

Messaround tyrant Jonny Whiteside drives another nail in his coffin with the glorious return of TROY WALKER, that gender-defying paragon of vocal pyrotechnics, eye-popping wardrobe, outrageous ribaldry and unrivaled artistry. 73-year old Walker has been flipping wigs since he first hit the Sunset Strip some five decades ago (fans at his fabled 60's Crescendo Club-Gazzari's engagements ranged from Elvis Presley to Ethel Merman; Phil Spector used to send in goons with portable reel-to-tape machines to steal Troy's arrangements!) and Walker's 2010 return to the bandstand after a decade of inactivity (at, where else but the Messaround?) found the mad little bugger in as much mind-bending form and poisonously pristine condition as ever. Troy is our Leader!

Certifiably among the raging-est, rocking-est bands in all of Los Angeles, the BLOODY BRAINS never fail to bring the house down. With a hot, taut brand of head-on punk mayhem, garage trash and high psych drama, the foursome of Rev Dan, Fritz Freidenberg, Keith Lubow and Hermann Senac display both merciless glee and stunning musicality which rates as a nothing less than a gloriously lethal rock & roll combination. This One'll Kill ya!

The Messaround swerves off on a wild dog-leg with the superb trad-jazz, viper-jump. deep-jive thrills of CARLOS & JEFFREY, they of Chumbuckets-Sydewinders infamy. These crazy young cats have such stunning feel, depth, natural-fact talent and good-timing cool that when they dig into a number the results are invariably transcendent. Crash into a 5th Dimension of Profound Hokum!

Swashbuckling rock & roller BRIAN HOGAN brings scads of streamlined, steam-heated old school ka-pow. Aggressively entertaining and smolderingly intense, the well-quiffed heartbreaker delivers a knock-out mixture of frosty hep and masculine musicality that invariably dislocates feminine reserve like a Fukushima meltdown. Down, Boy, Down!!

With an opening barrage of beatific, soul-scouring sounds courtesy of our Messaround Tabernacle Choir, with the incomparable honky-tonk blues prophet DICK DELUXE, bass-man supreme PAUL MARSHALL and trance-traps paragon DAVID RAVEN, plus the inevitable special guests, it's another sure-fire orgy of sonic-psychosexual malfeasance the likes of which most citizens only dream about. At the Messaround, We Live It!!!"

Jonny Whiteside's Messaround at Viva Cantina, 900 West Riverside Drive, Burbank, CA 91506; Sun., Jan. 15. 18, 5-9 p.m.; all ages; no cover. FREE PARKING across the street at Pickwick Bowl (same owners).

The party starts at 5pm at the Viva Cantina in Burbank!
900 W. Riverside Drive

No Cover! All Ages! Free Parking!

Be There!

The song in the video is "The Birthday Cake Polka" performed by Sheriff John Rovick, America's greatest lawman and cartoon show host.