Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rock & Roll Radio With Reverend Dan This Friday Night From 11pm til 6am On KXLU Los Angeles 88.9FM & KXLU.COM!‏

Hey Hoodlum!
Reverend Dan here, letting you know that this Friday night, March 20th, I'll be spinning the best Rock & Roll all night long on KXLU Los Angeles 88.9FM and KXLU.COM! It seems that Stella has to go to a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday morning, and, so she may get a few hours of sleep, she asked me to cover her fine radio program "Stray Pop". So I Will! That means from 11pm til 6am, you'll hear seven solid hours of Rock & Roll radio from yours truly! And should you have a request during those hours, gimme a call at the KXLU phone line at 310.338.5958!

And don't forget that KXLU has a great lineup of radio programs on Friday that you really should hear! Starting at 6pm, tune into the future of music with Demolisten with Fred & Octavius! At 8pm, Uncle Tim brings you the best in vintage Rock & Roll & Reggae on The Bomb Shelter! When 9pm rolls around, get ready for a double dose of disc jockey Ned Learner: At 9pm, Ned brings Recognition to your radio with the best soul music on the dial, and at 10pm, Ned hosts Instrumental, spinning an hour of quality instrumental music! And then at 11pm this week, I'll start the Rock & Roll and not quit until 6am! Be there and Be well!

Reverend Dan


Rich said...

Dear Sir;
I really enjoyed your "Ramones" set. Even though you did not play "Loudmouth",That's OK.
Mr. Richard Deem ESQ...PhD..MD..etc

Robert said...

I heard some of this show and really liked it. Is there a play list available?