Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 1976 KSUL Program Guide!

Through the courtesy of my good friend Richard Deem, I present to you the 1976 KSUL 90.1 Program Guide! KSUL was a ten watt FM radio station on the campus of California State University at Long Beach. When I found out that there was a real genuine radio station only a quick bicycle ride from my house, I was THERE! As a teenage radio geek, KSUL was the place where...well, click here to read a story about how KSUL and a Ron Cey record changed my life! This edition of the KSUL guide features all of my favorite programs: Rock with the Hit Man with Rocky Principe, Metal Machine Music with Lady Stardust, and D.J. Gyurina! I wonder if "The New Order" playing the KSUL benefit was Ron Asheton's old band?


Rich said...

Rich Deem

Rich said...

Rocky ROCKS !!!!
Don't I articulate my thoughts on this Blog with great precision???