Monday, August 30, 2010

Kind Words From Hooverville

Ah Fong at the Hooverville blog had some very kind words about my radio show:

"A few posts below is a piece about Pete Myers AKA The Mad Daddy. Whilst i was researching it I came across a reference to Music For Nimrods, hosted by a character called Reverend Dan. Not sure why, but my interest was piqued enough to make the effort to tune in. His three hour show goes out on the Los Angeles station KXLU at 3am on Saturday (which after a few weeks of missing the first hour i realised is 11AM Glasgow time) so i had to rouse early and take my place hunched over the PC in my underwear. Not for the first time i hear you say, but let’s press on; The Reverend’s show fucking rocked. He was spinning The Blasters, The Cramps, Lou Reed and The Nerves, all the good shit you never hear on radio (bar one show of course) AND he sounds like those crazy DJs you only see in films. The kind that can grate, but on the whole are fucking awesome. Anyways thanks to VLC player not only am I now able to record the show auto-magically but i can save it and share with you bums. Here’s the show from August 28th, check back often for updates, bitchez"

And then he links to a DropBox page where you can hear last Saturday's show! Right On! Thank you Ah Fong!

Click here to visit the Hooverville page where they mention Music For Nimrods!


Ah Fong said...

We all serve the lord, Reverend. How about a mention on this weeks show? and maybe a blasters track? little honey, marie marie, 4-11-44.....
And if you're in an especially charitable mood, i do a show on Glasgow's community station, Sunny Govan FM. Would be cool to hear that mentioned!

Ah Fong said...

Thanks for the tartan tribute, Reverend. I've bootlegged it for the world to enjoy again!

Ah Fong said...

it's payback time reverend..... this coming thursday i'm doing an LA tribute on my show!
10pm GMT, the LA part will start about 11pm GMT
Songs about LA till i run out of them...then i'll spread the net wider. Any requests?