Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey Hoodlum! It KXLU FUNDRAZOR TIME, and it's time for you to SUPPORT THE ONLY TRULY INDEPENDENT RADIO STATION IN LOS ANGELES! KXLU is completely, and I mean COMPLETELY funded by our listeners, and if you spend any time at all around 88.9FM, then you really should support the station that keeps Music For Nimrods on the air! Just call (310) 338-5958 and one of the friendly phone operators will be happy to help you! Or you can pledge online at KXLU.COM! The station has a mess of great premiums to thank you for you help, and I'd like to suggest a few:

Reverend Dan Sings The Hits Of The 1800s! This is a five-track EP of yours truly performing popular songs of the 1800s in my own raucous style. With a minor $10 pledge to KXLU, you can hear me sing "Goober Peas", "The Flying Trapeze", "Little Brown Jug", "Blue Tail Fly" and Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Major-General's Song"! All vocals and instruments by Reverend Dan, recorded at Bookshelf Studio in Montecito Heights. Only a ten dollar pledge? How can you not call (310) 338-5958 right now!?!?!

Who the heck defaced "Aubrey Beardsley's Salome with the Head of John the Baptist" to have Salome scratching out some vinyl? Why it's your old buddy Reverend Dan, who designed this stylish KXLU Tote Bag! Simply pledge $25 worth of support to KXLU and this insanely useful tote bag can be yours!

And it goes without saying, you just GOTTA have an official Reverend Dan's Music For Nimrods T-Shirt! Available in all-purpose black with Nimrods Green printing, this T-Shirt features not only the magical incantation from the beginning of the Music For Nimrods broadcast, but also a subliminal skull that just might frighten your friends into supporting KXLU! You can get this for a $30 pledge to KXLU! CALL NOW! (310) 338-5958!

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Mr Fab said...

Damn, can I still get the 1800s EP?! What a totally rad concept. Sorry the missus and I missed your show for the pledge drive (but we did pledge to Stray Pop AND Molotov!), we def.would have called in.