Saturday, November 17, 2007

Aircheck - The November 17, 2007 Edition of Reverend Dan's Music For Nimrods

I'm on the ball today, you betcha! My KXLU show posted on the same day it was broadcast. I am a "Human Dynamo"! During this show I take a ride in what Stella calls "The Punk Rocking Chair". The file is hosted at Megaupload, so lemme know if all goes well when you try to download this 161mb file! Click on Nosferatu, then on the new page type in the 3-digit code and hit enter! On the next page that appears, find the column headed "free". At the bottom of that column, you should see a countdown, usually starting around 45 or so. When that gets to zero, a new download button should appear. Hit that button and it should start the download. That's what they say!

During the 4 o'clock hour of today's program, I play the Sex Pistols "Some Product Carri On" album in its entirety. 2007 does mark the 30th anniversary of the release of "Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols", and it got me to thinking about my own punk timeline. Here's a quick look back:

April 1976 - First Ramones record released.

August 1976 - Received first Ramones record as present for 16th birthday. Gift was from older brother Steve. Rodney Bingenheimer begins broadcasting "Rodney On The Roq" every Sunday night on KROQ AM & FM, playing the best rock & roll. I listen religiously.

September 1976 - I start junior year at Millikan high school in Long Beach

November 1976 - Sex Pistols release first single "Anarchy In The UK"

February 1977 - Sid Vicious Joins Sex Pistols

May 1977 - Sex Pistols release second single "God Save The Queen"

Summer 1977 - Young Reverend Dan's "Summer Of Punk" fueled by an entire year listening to Rodney's incredible radio show and finally getting a driver's license. Senior year of high school begins.

October 1977 - Sex Pistols release Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols

November 1977 - I attend my first Punk Rock show, seeing the Dead Boys and the Mumps at the Starwood in Hollywood. Tickets won from 10 watt radio station KSUL, located on the campus of California State University at Long Beach.

January 1978 - Sex Pistols tour America. Johnny Rotten quits band.

July 1978 - I graduate high school.

February 1979 - Sid dies.

July 1979 - Sex Pistols Some Product Carri On album released.

There you have Three Years and Three Months. From the time of the first Ramones album to the release of Some Product Carri On was only three years and three months. The time that Sid joined the Sex Pistols til the day he died was only two years. Time flies.

Here is the lineup for this show:

3:00 AM - 3:40 AM
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - "Smokin' Billy"
The Morlocks - "Dirty Red"
Wau y Los Arrrghs - "Mumia Twist"
Reverend Beat-Man - "Jesus Christ Twist"
The Joneses - "Pillbox"
Iggy & The Stooges - "I Got a Right"
The Gears - "I Smoke Dope"
Fear - "I Love Living In The City"
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels - "C.C. Rider/Jenny Take a Ride"
The Celibate Rifles - "Johnny"
Agent Orange - "Bloodstains"

3:40 AM - 4:00 AM
The Hard Ons - "Just Being With You"
The Yardbirds - "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl"
Cosmic Psychos - "Lost Cause"
Ministry - "Let's Go"
Sex Pistols - "Johnny B. Goode/Roadrunner"

4:00 AM - 5:00 AM
Sex Pistols
Some Product Carri On
"The Very Name Sex Pistols"
"From Beyond The Grave"
"Big Tits Across America"
"The Complex World Of Johnny Rotten"
"Sex Pistols Will Play"
"Is The Queen a Moron?"
"The Fucking Rotter"

Sex Pistols - "Substitute"
Sex Pistols - "Problems"
Sex Pistols - "Steppin' Stone"

5:00 AM - 5: 40 AM
NIMROD NEWS with Reverend Dan
Neil Young - "Let's Impeach The President"
The Gun Club - "Sex Beat"
Mink Deville - "Lipstick Traces"
The Lords Of Altamont - "The Split"
L7 - "Shitlist"
The Mothers of Invention - "Plastic People"

5:40 AM - 6:00 AM
The Lunachicks - "The Passenger"
The Superbees - "Girl From K.C."
Nick Lowe - "Shake That Rat"
Ian Whitcomb - "My Girl's Pussy"
Muddy Waters - "Mannish Boy" (Soul Version)
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - "Candy House"

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