Thursday, November 15, 2007

Video: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Live!

One of the things I really enjoy about becoming geezer is that it's still possible to find out about some great band I had never heard about. For example, I finally got around to listening to Howlin' Wolf at the age of 45, which means all his stuff is NEW TO ME!!! Another cool band I've recently (within the past five years) heard about is Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. Named after a wonderful mispronouncement of The Damned's "Machine Gun Etiquette", I wish I had heard about these guys when I had a chance to see them. I might never had heard about them at all were it not for my friends Shirley and the Late David Arnoff (he ain't dead, he's just late). Here they are in Japan back in 1998 playing "Smokin' Billy".

Four guys making one hell of a racket!

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