Friday, March 14, 2008

Where the HELL have I been?

I've had to figure out how I relate to this blogging jazz. I'm not real comfortable with the idea of using it as a diary for the world to see. And life is such a hard thing to nail down anyway. What I'll do for a while is write about only two subjects, one about stuff in the past, another about something I'm experiencing for the first time. And I will begin to post programs again.

Topic A will be The Magazines of My Life

Off the top of my head: Jack & Jill, Highlights, Boys Life, Mad, Creem, Circus, Spy, Sunset, Life, Popular Science, CarToons, Back Door Man, No, Splash, Flipside, Popular Mechanix, Psychotronic, Punk, NY Rocker, Rolling Stone, Scientific American. Hopefully I will remember more.

The other topic will be Listening to Jandek

52 albums, and I ain't heard one of them. So I'm going to listen. In chronological order.

Let's see where this goes.

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