Thursday, November 15, 2007

So Now I'm Blogging

Hey Hoodlum,
Thank you for visiting the latest in the saga of Reverend Dan's Music For Nimrods...the Blog! Hoo-Ha! So let's see what I can come up with.

To bring you up to date, Carol & I are now OFFICIALLY engaged! Here's a photo of the happy couple.

This was one hell of a busy weekend for me! In addition to doing the radio show, I had two other events which took me out of hiding and into to public eye. Saturday night, I was DJing Ralph Carrera's big Tigermask Club show at Safari Sam's in Hollywood, with The Joneses, The Lords Of Altamont, Throw Rag and The Love Me Nots. As usual with these Tigermask shows, everybody did a hell of a job. The Lords of Altamont claimed that this would be their last show for a while (don't they always say that?) but seeing the MC5's Mike Davis on bass was uber-cool. It was great to see Jeff Drake of The Joneses. We used to work together at the Tower Records in Anaheim back in 1981, and we hadn't seen each other since we were in The Phantoms with bassist Steve Olson and drummer Brian Wassman (Jeff played lead guitar, I sang and played rhythm guitar).

Sunday night brought Stella and me to Beyond Baroque in Venice, where we took part in one of Gerry Fialka's Media Ecology Soul Sessions (M.E.S.S. for short), where we discussed the History of Alternative Radio in Los Angeles. Here is a photo of moderator Gerry Fialka, me, your humble narrator & Stella of Stray Pop (representing KXLU), and former KMET dj and current KCSN program director Martin Perlich. Folks actually showed up, and a very cool discussion of all things radio took place. We were invited to bring a old sample of our radio work. I brought a clip from my old KPFK show, where transsexual go-go dancer Vida DeVille explained how to look your best while incarcerated. Stella brought an amazing clip from 1985, when the studio was filled with Lux & Ivy from the Cramps AND Screamin' Jay Hawkins! His description of the recording session for "I Put a Spell On You" was hysterical!

Well, there be the first post. Now let's see if I delete it all in the next few minutes.


Basketball Is Love said...

I work in a juevenille detention hall in LA. Yesterday I told the story to one of my more "daring" students: "I hear you guys use pencil lead for make-up."

Which of course won me the class over.

You're a rad blogger.

Reverend Dan said...

Thank you and congratulations for being the first person to leave a comment on my blog! I'm glad to hear that Vida's information came in useful. I'll bet that the look on the kid's face was priceless. And thank you also for promoting and attending the radio panel at Beyond Baroque. Be well!